Local Businesses Race To Sponsor Simsbury Public Art Trail Statues


Local Businesses Race To Sponsor Simsbury Public Art Trail Statues

The Simsbury Chamber of Commerce has been overwhelmed with support from local businesses and patrons since the announcement of the first-ever townwide art exhibit. Nineteen of the twenty incredibly realistic statues in the Simsbury Art Trail vhave already found sponsors.

"Hosting an event of this magnitude requires an incredible commitment from the entire town and everyone has rallied behind it," said Lisa Gray, Executive Director of the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce, "We are so appreciative of the companies and individuals who have already invested in making this what is sure to be one of the most popular cultural events in the region."

While fundraising efforts are off to a great start, there are still opportunities to sponsor a statue, make a financial contribution, or volunteer for this unique art installation that celebrates the little things in life in an extraordinary way.

Life In Simsbury: A Public Art Trail will consist of pieces created by the internationally-renowned sculpture artist, Seward Johnson, that will be placed in various locations throughout Simsbury, particularly in the downtown area. The grand unloading of these statues will take place on May 14th and they will remain on display until September 15th. There will also be special events throughout the four months of the exhibit, including an Opening Champagne Breakfast, Garden Party and Closing Ceremony cocktail reception.

Sponsorships of all levels are available, ranging from the $150 Patron level up to the $10,000 Premier Sponsorship level, but contributions in any amount will be greatly appreciated. Businesses, organizations and art patrons are also welcomed to sponsor a specific statue that will be placed in the location of their choosing. Each piece has a unique name. Simsbury Bank is a Premier Sponsor that will host the "Waiting to Cross" statue at the bank.

Supporting Sponsors include:

  • Carmon Funeral Homes hosting "The Gardener" at the Simsbury Cemetery
  • Farmington Valley VNA hosting "Unconditional Surrender" at Eno Hall
  • Fitzgerald's Foods hosting "Relish Too" at Fitzgerald's
  • Old Drake Hill Flower Bridge hosting "Midstream" along the Farmington River
  • Robert Hensley & Associates and Allan S. Goodman, Inc. hosting "Got to Watch Your Step" at Hop Meadow Country Club
  • Simsbury Free Library hosting "Creating" at the Free Library
  • William Garrity hosting "La Promenade" at the Red Stone Pub

Sculpture Sponsors include:

  • Flamig Farm hosting "Down to Earth" at Flamig Farm
  • Hassett & George, PC hosting "Waiting" at Hassett & George
  • Linda C. Knierim, CPA hosting "There, Now You Can Grow" at Schultz Park
  • Sage Financial Design (sculpture not yet selected)
  • Simsbury 1820 House (sculpture not yet selected)
  • Simsbury Historical Society hosting "God Bless America" at the Historical Society
  • Tulmeadow Farm Store hosting "Just a Taste" at Tulmeadow Farm

"We encourage companies from across the state to sponsor this prestigious art event as soon as possible," said Gray. "Retailers, restaurants, and other attractions will also benefit from the large crowds of local visitors and tourists that are expected to come enjoy these amazing statues."

To make a donation of any amount, please visit Kickstarter at https://www.kickstarter.com/projects/1567188800/life-in-simsbury-a-public-art-trail

For sponsorship information contact Lisa Gray at [email protected] or call (860) 651-7307.

Seward Johnson is an artist, an advocate for the arts, and a philanthropist. His "Celebrating the Familiar" series was first exhibited in 1992 at the New Jersey State Fairgrounds, which he believed would attract people who didn't like traditional museums. Johnson is the grandson of Johnson & Johnson co-founder Robert Wood Johnson. At age 38, his wife encouraged him to try sculpting, and his first sculpture, "Stainless Girl," won a national contest sponsored by U.S. Steel. Johnson's "Celebrating the Familiar" series consists of painted bronze people doing ordinary things in daily life. The sculptures celebrate Americans being Americans, and they can be found in plazas and parks across the country, as well as in Italy and China. Johnson was inducted into the New Jersey Hall of Fame in 2013. His works can be found at sewardjohnsonatelier.org

For further information about the event visit the event website at www.SimsburyArtTrail.com.

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