Northshore magazine (in Massachusetts) - Art Trail


Northshore magazine (in Massachusetts) - Art Trail

"Celebrating the Familiar"

Outdoor exhibit in Simsbury, Connecticut features 25 sculptures of people in everyday life by renowned artist Seward Johnson.

“Bunnies Don’t Bite,

“Bunnies Don’t Bite," will be hopping into town as part of "Life In Simsbury: A Public Art Trail" on May 15, 2018. The Simsbury Chamber of Commerce is hosting the outdoor sculpture display featuring over 25 life-like sculptures.

“Bunnies Don’t Bite,


Simsbury is full of simple pleasures that all of its residents have enjoyed, from playing with friends as a kid, to greeting the mailman, from taking a walk, to buying a hotdog at a hotdog stand. The Simsbury Chamber of Commerce is celebrating these little things in an extraordinary way with the first ever town wide exhibit, Life In Simsbury: A Public Art Trail. The works of internationally renowned sculpture artist Seward Johnson will be on display from May 15 through September 15, 2018.

The first sculpture of a mailman sorting a delivery entitled “Special Delivery,” arrived last fall as a sneak peek of Johnson’s work. It is on display at Fitzgerald’s Foods located at 710 Hopmeadow Street.

Life In Simsbury: A Public Art Trail’s website, located at, now has a gallery showcasing all of the sculptures

“Our vision is to display his life-sized and larger sculptures in a public art walking and biking trail throughout town and attract out-of-town visitors to come enjoy them and frequent our local businesses,” says Lisa Gray, executive director of the Simsbury Chamber of Commerce.

Life In Simsbury: A Public Art Trail will consist of 25-plus pieces that will be placed in various locations throughout Simsbury, particularly in the downtown area. There will also be special events throughout the four months of the exhibit, including an opening ceremony/sponsor breakfast, garden party, and closing ceremony cocktail reception.

“This will undoubtedly be one of the town’s most successful, attractive, and enjoyable projects!” Gray promises. “The level of detail in these life-like creations is incredible and sure to spark lots of attention.”

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